Company law

The determination with which our entrepreneurs face the daily challenges must be accompanied by a high level of expertise regarding the foundations of their society. Whether it is a company of fibula - to tell the truth, always discouraged - or capital, we are by your side with a long-term experience. The competence in this matter must necessarily be accompanied by an analysis of the family situation of the company, paying attention to the profiles of "succession planning", if the conditions are met.

Bankruptcy law and insolvency law

A company in crisis is not a failed enterprise. Failure must be the last beach. Today there are various tools that allow the safeguarding of the "healthy" part of a company, leaving the weight of debts to a "bad company". Increasingly, however, the examination of such situations requires a multidisciplinary approach, with the lawyer and the accountant having to work in sync for the best possible solution. The now coming into force of the delegated decree for the reform of bankruptcy proceedings, of which the preliminary drafts are known, goes in the direction of an expansion of such preventive instruments, which impose with ever greater evidence an ability to intervene in the first phases of the crisis.

Parasocial agreements

In our legal system there has been a long discussion of the admissibility of these contractual figures. Today, as a result of the 2003 reform, this instrument is often underestimated. This is actually a type of agreement aimed at regulating uniform voting procedures, for example, or useful for coordinating the will of the parties on corporate governance choices. A point often overlooked in these agreements concerns their duration: although it is possible to stipulate them for an indefinite period of time, the choice of the maximum interim-year duration is undoubtedly preferable.

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