Civil law or commercial law?

And if instead we refer more simply to "patrimonial law", as Francesco Galgano did? Perhaps in this way the categories of law would be more in keeping with the reality in which we have been operating for a long time: that of the companies of the North East, of the families that created them and that intend to develop them, both on domestic and international markets.

Thanks to the experience that Antonio Mansi has developed since the 50s, we are alongside men and businesses that look to the future without forgetting the roots of a past that is a treasure trove of experiences that few can boast.

The contract

The contract is undoubtedly the true protagonist of contemporary law. And also of our business. Consider it as part of civil or commercial law, or as an international contract. Typical or unnamed contract. With antitrust laps. The variety of themes and the multiplicity of sources require constantly updated specialists, constantly at your service.

Business contracts

If the lawyer's job is changing fast, and if the lawyer intends to play a leading role in change, then it must be made clear that advice and not litigation must play a central role. Being called for the conclusion of a contract is proof of the farsightedness of an entrepreneur, who believes that it is better to be advised or put on notice before a particular problem arises. If the category of corporate contracts existed, this would be one of our areas of greater competence and experience.

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